Titleist U Irons For Sale

Uniquely Built U•500 and U•510 Models Improve Long Iron Output By Improved Launch, Pace and Forgiveness FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (July 15, 2019)-Two unique models-U•500 and U•510-are provided by the current Titleist U-Series utility irons to extend the shot possibilities of a player at the top end of the bag. For a reason , the new U•500 and U•510 models generate more distance than a standard iron and less spin than a hybrid, providing precisely when needed that one shot a golfer needs.

Available for fittings starting Aug. 8 (and Aug. 30 in golf shops), Titleist U-Series utilities combine forged L-face technology with extreme amounts of high-density tungsten to deliver high-density tungsten. The highly flexible , low-loft utility has a lightweight shape that allows a soft landing and accurate distance control with a strong takeoff. The U•510 provides hybrid-like performance in a forgiving, muscular iron design. For consistent shot-after-shot performance, the high-launching, easier-playing utility provides a larger, wide-sole design. U•510 creates such a powerful combination of distance, launch and forgiveness that Titleist engineers have been able to create a 16-degree 1-iron that is very playable from both the tee and turf.

The new U-Series will be prominently displayed at the Open Championship this week already the most played utility iron on the PGA Tour, and in the bags of Adam Scott Jordan Spieth and Jimmy Walker. They want to be able to launch it higher and further, they want to be able to shape shots, they want to be able to land it near the hole, they just want to do it in their hands with an iron. All that went into U•500 and U•510 was built to offer these golfers the results, look and feel they always wished for in a long iron, and maybe they didn’t think it was feasible.

Titleist unveils U-Series utility irons for golfers who need long-iron help

The T-MB utility irons were so popular that with numerous players, including many Tour pros, Titleist began selling them as full sets, swearing by the combination of distance, precision, and easy launch they provided. But technology is marching on and the new U-Series Utilities ($250 each), although not available in full sets, come in two models: the more compact U-500 and the wider-soled U-510. For a lower CG and easier launch and stability, both new models feature similar technologies including high density tungsten weighting (98 g on average in the U-500, 95 g in the U-510) and very thin SUP-10 L-Face inserts for very thin SUP-10 The actual differences between the two new models are the shape, the sole width, the degree of offset, and the type of player they are going to attract.

They want to be able to launch it higher and further, they want to be able to shape shots, they want to be able to land it close to the hole, they just want to do it with an iron in their hands, “Talge comments. According to Josh Talge, VP Titleist golf clubs, both are definitely aimed at those who need assistance at the long end of the set.” “Everything that went into the U-500 and U-510 was designed to give these golfers the performance, look and feel they’ve always hoped for in a long iron, and maybe they didn’t think it was possible.” In particular, the more compact and less offset U-500 is aimed at shot makers who require a utility iron to be versatile and controlled.

In contrast, with easier launch and a little more distance, the U-510 provides more wood-like performance as the wider single and larger clubhead allows for a deeper CG location than that of the U-500. The U-500 will be available in 17, 20, and 23-degree options, while the U-510 will be available in 16, 18, 20, and 22-degree. Both models will also be available with HZRDUS Smoke Black 90 graphite shafts with a number of custom shafts that are not uploadable. Expect to see a lot of players like Jimmy Walker, Jordan Spieth and Adam Scott playing the new U-Series utilities at Royal Portrush U-Series Utility Irons this week at Royal Portrush U-Series Utility Irons on August 30 and will be available for trial and fittings starting on August 8.

Which Titleist U-Series utility iron will save your game?

I assume that you have heard of the Titleist CP-01 Irons CNCPT already. The reason why I remind you of them is that they are reminded by the new Titleist U-Series Utility Iron s … Check out below! Titleist calls these iron as “utility iron” because the new U•500 and U•510 models generate more distance than a standard iron and less spin than a hybridTitleist U-Series utility iron combines forged L-face technology with extreme high-density tungsten quantities So now I think why I reminded you of the CNCPT by Titleist CP-01 iron Titleist U-Series utility iron vs CNCPT by Titleist CP-01 iron utility iron vs CNCPT by Titleist CP-01 iron iron iron iron iron iron vs CNCPT by Titleist CP-01.

Titleist U•500 utility irons:

Strategic High-Density Tungsten Weighting (98 grams on average vs CNCPT by Titleist CP-01 Irons: Titleist ‘s thinnest, ForgedSUP-10 L-Face Insert, averaging more than 100 g per head, maximizes the ball speed for more distance.

Titleist U•510 utility irons:

Strategic High-Density Tungsten Weighting (95 grams on average) generates a low and deep CG with shot-stopping control for maximum launch and a high MOI for stability and forgiveness. A Forged SUP-10 L-Face Insert maximizes the speed of the ball for more distance. The larger, more forgiving blade has a wide sole that promotes easy launch from the tee or turf.

Titleist officially launches new U-500 and U-510 utility irons, including a 16-degree 1-iron

The U-510 utility iron of Titleist has a more hybrid-like performance.’ The new Titleist U-500 and U-510 utility iron, first spotted by PGATOUR.COM at the May Memorial Tournament and played by a slew of TOUR pros including Jordan Spieth, Adam Scott and Jimmy Walker, officially have a retail release date set. (PGA TOUR) Ahead of the release, Titleist also revealed information about the new designs. According to the company, Titleist’s two new utility irons are designed to expand the arsenal of shots at the top end of the iron set with constructions that “produce more distance than a normal iron and less spin than a hybrid.”

While the U-500 and U-510 have various designs for various golfers and purposes, according to Titleist, they are each made with forged SUP-10 L-face inserts and have “extreme amounts” of high-density tungsten. For higher launch and faster ball speeds, the multi-material structures are designed. The U-500, which Titleist calls a “player’s iron,” has a smaller profile, thinner topline, thinner sole, and less offset than the U-510; Titleist states that the U-510 has a hybrid-like performance. On average, the U-500 iron has 98 grams of tungsten designed to lower the CG (center of gravity) compared to its previous T-MB iron, creating “increased trajectory control launch,” according to the company, and a higher MOI (moment of inertia) for stability.

“U-500 is the incredibly versatile utility iron we were asked for by tour players,” said Marni Ines, Iron Dev Director. It shares a size and shape similar to our T-MB iron of the previous generation, but has been completely reimagined to give players specialized long iron performance. The U-500 iron is available in 17, 20 and 23 degrees of loft. On the other hand, the larger U-510 iron has an average of 95 grams of tungsten, placed for a lower and deeper CG for maximum launch, and high MOI for forgiveness. It’s faster, launches higher, lands softer, and feels better through impact. In addition to 18-, 20- and 22-degree options, Titleist has made a 16-degree 1-iron available due to the greater launch and greater forgiveness of the U-510. U-510 is the launch king, Ines said.

The larger shape and wide sole allowed us to place the weighting of tungsten so that the CG is lower and further back than any iron we have created, and what that translates into is a lot of launch angle. “The U-500 and U-510 clubs are each stocked at + 0.25 inches in length with Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 90 graphite shafts, but they will also be available without upload for custom order.” They will sell for $250 each, available beginning on August 30 in stores worldwide.