Introducing Truss Putters

TaylorMade Golf introduces the previously spotted-on-tour Truss and Spider S putter lines formally today. While many of you have seen the images that Tiger was testing out, especially of the TaylorMade Truss putter, you do not know the whole story behind these new putters. Some bemoaned the look of the putters the first moment they saw them, perhaps discounting them automatically. I ‘m having it. I’ve done the same thing.

When I heard what the Truss architecture was all about, and took the design idea a bit more seriously instantly. What we all need to realize is that an significant design consideration is the unique aesthetics of the Truss line. For a cause, these putters look exactly the way they do. Impartial. No guesswork whatsoever. All Labels Significant. To Your Swing Suited. Using related data and machine learning, Sophisticated Golf Analytics maps the right clubs to the exact swing.

Today, the latest TaylorMade Truss putters would definitely produce much of the excitement and queries, but TaylorMade already has a new Spider S concept for us. The latest TaylorMade Spider S putters were kept fairly much under wraps prior to launch, unlike the leaked Truss putters. It’s good to have a genuine surprise now and then in an age of spoilers. As it turns out, the TaylorMade Truss putters and Spider S putter both share the same ultimate aim, while they come to it from diametrically opposite directions: enhancing putting by increasing stability.


TaylorMade Truss putter images will have you believe that the unorthodox nature of the hosel is not visible at the address. Trust them not. In person, the hosel occupies the address vision. From rear or face-on angles, the hosel is much more visible, where it can transform a number of heads in the same way a car wreck would.

The TaylorMade Truss is compatible with two hosel styles in both blade and mallet forms. The boxy, Anser 2-style putters are the Truss TB1 and TB2. There’s nothing especially positive or negative about this twist on the traditional style outside of the hosel. A fang-style mallet, the Truss TM1 and TM2. Between the prongs, there is more room than usual, and the flange is a little wider. Again, it’s not the highest nor the worst of this type putter ignoring the hosel.


Per TaylorMade, Truss was designed “for players who want a mallet ‘s stability and forgiveness but prefer a more conventional look at address.” They struggled to retain a traditional look, at least to my eyes, as I mentioned earlier. They have struggled to render these putters more robust and tolerant than their rivals based on my tests. I did not feel much change in twisting relative to traditional Anser-style putters while testing the Truss TB1. More significantly, in the results,

I did not see a difference. Tiny mishits with the Truss and normal Ansers ended up in or around the cup. Off-line putts which stopped short of the cup resulted in wide mishits. The same was valid in contrasting the TM2 to other putters in the fang style. As I described earlier, there are two separate hosel styles for both the blade and mallet heads. TaylorMade refers to them as “the shafted heel and middle,” but with a grain of salt, it can be taken.

The TB1, which is’ heel shafted,’ is much like a center-shafted putter, face-balanced. Eventually, the TaylorMade Truss putters have adjustable sole weights, as you can see above. In order to balance the hosel ‘s weight, the TB1 and TM1 versions have more weight in the toe. The heel and toe weights in the TM2 and TB2 versions are the same. It is unknown at the time of this writing whether customers will buy TaylorMade weight kits or not.

TaylorMade Truss Putters For Sale

Technology With the TaylorMade Truss putters, all starts with the latest Truss hosel style. The Truss hosel allows these putters more robust than ever by having two attachment points in the club head, so it provides an intense twist resistance. In addition to being more accommodating on off-center putts, the Truss hosel ‘s improved stiffness increases sound and feel by minimizing the strength of vibrations. The PureRoll Insert signature of TalyorMade is also used in the Truss putters.

This insert provides a smoother feeling putter face engineered for improved tone, feel, and roll. The nature of the PureRoll helps induce forward rolling and decrease skidding to get your putts moving quicker and truer on your goal field. Faster, pure roll also encourages you to increase the control distance to also become a stronger putter. TaylorMade has also created precise, adjustable weights for each putter length to accommodate the consistency golfers are searching for. To provide golfers with personalized power over head weight and center of gravity, these weights are adjustable and interchangeable.

The 33′ Truss putters have a head weight of 365 grams, the 34′ putters have a head weight of 355 grams, and the 35′ versions have a head weight of 345 grams. TaylorMade uses the KBS Stepless CT Stabilization shaft in the Truss putters to finish off the build. This steel shaft’s whole length has been improved to make it more durable to allow you a quick , simple stroke without thinking about the whipping or flexing of the shaft. Who It’s For The TaylorMade Truss putters are a perfect match for golfers of all levels of power, expertise , and experience. This innovative, stable and forgiving nature would help all golfers. There is a shape and toe hang style to suit any player with four choices to pick from: a heel-shafted blade, a center-shafted blade, a heel-shafted mallet, or a center-shafted mallet.

Success Our performance evaluation was conducted by Rick Hatfield, the head golf pro at the Flint Hills National Golf Club and the resident product specialist at TGW. At the address, the radical hosel architecture hides itself so that success gets off to a fantastic start by being able to quickly line up the putts. The Pure Roll insert from TaylorMade has the golf ball going rapidly and effortlessly on your goal line thus offering a good feeling. Most notably, these putters are incredibly stable with the Truss hosel configuration. The Truss putters will help render you a stronger putter by reducing spinning and getting the ball moving into your goal.