Taylormade SIM Driver For Sale

TaylorMade SIM, SIM Max, SIM Max D drivers

Golfers want optimum driver efficiency, but generally need that the club looks a certain way, and to some degree the designers are handcuffed. However, TaylorMade claims that its latest SIM family of drivers can pass the eye test of discerning players and have improved pace, more forgiveness and greater precision off the tee by utilizing various materials in strategic ways and changing the form in areas that golfers do not see while they play. To produce more speed, TaylorMade did three things to boost the aerodynamic properties of the SIM d Next, the height of the carbon-fiber crown was increased such that air that slides across the topline remains tight, which increases performance. Second, more dramatically, the back of the sole swoops upwards, even to increase the quality of airflow.

TaylorMade SIM and SIM Max Drivers For Sale

Looks like these drivers look pretty. You can see that there was not a stone left unturned in order to visually get it just right. With regards to the colors, the red goes out and the blue falls back. Instead of black and white, they have also gone for a gray and chalk white finish on the head crown. The crown has a lot going on, with the normal orientation framing on the face that I really like. The hosel also has a site template written on the crown and SIM. It’s still pretty much identical to the M drivers of the past, aside from the minor color-scheme change, before you glance under the club … Now for the technology that impacts the form and what TaylorMade has focused so hard on. The club’s bottom appears like a capital T with the Inertia Generator bulking out either side of the T from the back of the head with room taken out. When watching behind someone as they address the ball, you can actually tell the difference. Interestingly, the SIM head seems short, but that’s because the face height is much shallower relative to the models or models. The entire head is even shallower and thus seems flatter, but across the spectrum the face height rises. The SIM also has shifting weight technology, where there are not the other two drivers.

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