TaylorMade P7MC For Sale

There’s invariably a more sensible cavity-back option for any blade on the market, and so here you go. You also get the lightweight build that many players crave with the P7MC. You get some workability, too. And though it’s not about as forgiving as something in the SIM iron family or P-something else without TW or MB in the word, through perimeter weighting on the off case you don’t exactly find the sweet spot, you get a little bit of forgiveness.

Like the P7 MB, the P7MC is 1025 carbon steel Compact Grain Cast. The specifics of the cavity remind me of some of the older RAC things from TaylorMade. The distinction between the finishes of the cavity and perimeter allows for an aesthetically appealing kit. The T-Bug (the TaylorMade Logo) is one of the more fascinating data. It is forged into the layout and has a high-polish finish that makes it really pop. TaylorMade claims it speaks to the design’s craftsmanship. The remainder of the design is the category’s boilerplate. The offset is still slight. Thin is the topline. In a combo package, the intent is to pair smoothly with the P7 MB.

TaylorMade P7MC Irons Review – Perimeter-Weighted Precision With Added Forgiveness

The TaylorMade P7MC irons are here to deliver the best of all worlds to golfers. This muscle cavity style is the answer to your and many Tour players’ wishes for those players who want the feel and accuracy of forged blades along with some additional perimeter-weighting and forgiving. With direct feedback from Tour experts, this lightweight and forgiving style was developed. In this exclusive analysis, TGW brings you within this latest TaylorMade iron style.


The program in the TaylorMade P7MC irons begins with how they are created. Using TaylorMade ‘s method it calls compact grain welding, these irons are forged from 1025 carbon steel. In this method, the final move is to use a 2,000-ton press to place the final stamp on the form of these irons. This guarantees a tighter, more compact grain construction that offers the best, most consistent feel possible. The face and grooves of each of the P7MC irons are also machined by TaylorMade to maintain performance and durability.

In order to guarantee precise shot-making capacity, they machine on these irons on the most violent score lines. Eventually, to ensure correct perimeter weighting, they go over every angle of the iron. For those shots where you do not quite reach the middle of the face, the added mass around the cavity improves stability and forgiving.

TaylorMade P7MC irons

The predecessor, the P750, is undoubtedly the strongest cavity back that TaylorMade has ever built for players. With numerous worldwide wins and a clear presence among top amateurs and college teams, for one primary cause, the P750 won players over: simplicity. So, when Matt Bovee and the team wanted to go back in and create something different, there were not a lot of ways to go better than one or two ticks. That’s all that is expected in this iron class. Unveiling the latest 2020 TaylorMade P7MC cavity back iron.

TaylorMade's Tour-only P7MC evokes memories of 1 popular iron model

The P7MC from TaylorMade is the newest unreleased iron to arrive on the tour. Getty Photos As expected, the P7 MB from TaylorMade is not the only new iron in the queue that the machinery manufacturer has. A Tour-only P7MC iron emerged in Rasmus Hojgaard ‘s bag at the British Masters with the launch season just around the corner, suggesting a full-blown iron line for better players on the horizon. TaylorMade is yet to speak on the concept, but the profile is already attracting parallels from the past with a classic iron: TP Forged.

Launched in North America and Japa in the mid and late 2000s. In particular, it is the shaping of the P7MC muscle pad that has some old TP Forged photos pulled up on social media to do side-by – side comparisons. TaylorMade’s P7MC (L) and TP Forged (R) cavity-back from 15 years ago. It is not unusual for manufacturers to combine new-age technologies with successful past designs. The latest SIM fairway woods of TaylorMade feature the iconic V Steel sole sh But if the latest adoption of the P7 MB by Rory McIlroy is any indicator, it probably won’t be long until we see a high-profile P7MC workers split from TaylorMade.