Taylormade P770 Irons For Sale

I owned them and they were fit for the Psi2s, so-so for me. At the golf shop, I struck a demo P-770 iron and fell in love with that iron. I ordered a 4 iron through approach wedge custom package from TaylorMade. I have read some reviews which state that some players have lost yards but have acquired more power over their iron P-770. Hearing that makes me really proud that I have tailored my P-770S. With a Lie of +1.5 degrees, I made the iron and the Loft rose to +2.0 degrees, giving my 7 iron a club of 31 degrees.

To enhance precision, I had Aerotech i95 shafts built. Believe me, with this setup, I have achieved more yards and precision. A few years back, I read an article about the clubs the Pros use and their clubs are personalized beyond belief. Ever wonder how to reach a PW 150-170 yards from any of the best PGA teams. Customized beyond belief, not claiming I can hit my PW so hard, but now I can surely reach it further than any I’ve owned in the past. I owned Adams, Callaway, Ping, and other irons from TaylorMade, but the P-770s were better irons.

My handicap with these irons is slowly declining. Thank you, TaylorMade Golf.+ Pros: Irons Smooth Indeed, this item is suggested. Yes · 2 This article was considered useful by 2 users. To accept, click. No · 1 1 person did not find this analysis beneficial. To accept, click.

TaylorMade P770 irons: The origin story

Two clubs, the P760 and the P790, begin the story of the P770. Today, if my calculation were correct, the mixture of the two clubs will potentially produce the 775, but that model number was taken up by another OEM over a decade earlier in the field of iron, and if we’re real, 770 sounds easier anyway. 2020 TaylorMade P770, TaylorMade P790 reference. Let’s start with the P790 and its potential to penetrate players’ golf bags of all skill levels.

The 790 is a club that can be seen in the bags of players from +4 handicaps all the way up to golfers aiming to crack 100, according to TaylorMade’s fitting database. What makes the P790 so versatile and enticing to so many golfers begins with its looks and ends with its results. The P790 has the tidy look of a blade iron from the rear, and from address, it retains a sharper line synonymous with a player club. Yet you get ball speed and launch conditions typically reserved for a much larger game enhancement club off the clubface, or should I say all over the clubface.

This iron helped redefine what is now regarded as the genre of “players reach,” and whether you think the title an oxymoron or not, it is difficult to disagree with its success. Then we have the P760, the first combo iron package from TaylorMade, which blends the strength of longer SpeedFoam-filled iron with the accuracy of fast forged single-piece iron. Thanks to their potential to provide extra forgiveness and launch in longer clubs while also retaining the look and desired feel of a small player, these irons again made their way into the golf bags of mid-handicaps for players in the professional tours.

Regardless of talent, one of the key variables in the playability of any iron depends on the ability of a golfer to produce pace, launch, spin and a If you are a golfer searching for optimum workability and shotmaking control that places less of an emphasis on distance, than the P7 MB or P7MC is definitely more up to your ally, but if distance is also a major part of the decision-making process for a collection of iron, then buckle up. This iron is about accuracy without losing distance.

The technology

A view within the P770 building A easy way to characterize the P770 would be to term it a shrunk-down variant of the 790, but doing so would not give justice to the real engineering that went into this concept. The explanation is that you should not only shrink down a golf club and demand it to work the same as a larger club, since not only are the mass properties distinct, but attempting to retain extra ball speed will be like wanting a smaller trampoline to jump you as high as a larger one with larger springs that the mechanics do not add up.

As the hosel is part of the forged frame, coupled with the ball speed of a bigger one, you get a forged club ‘s full lay and loft adjustability. SpeedFoam ‘s secondary advantage is that it provides an iron that feels incredibly sturdy despite being a multi-piece structure. The other aspect of the speed tale is the Through Slot in the sole that lets shots struck lower on the face maintain more ball speed and helps generate additional launch. This technology operates from 3-7 iron.

Speaking of launch, the latest P770 has 46 grams of tungsten in the 3-7 iron located as low and as far back as possible towards the toe to maximize MOI and launch in the longer clubs when specifically finding the center of gravity. The Progressive Inverted Cone Technology or IVT is the final piece of the puzzle that assists in both distance and distance regulation. In the longer iron, it is located closer to the toe to assist with typical mishits and shifts through the shorter clubs higher and more heel ward. This makes fluctuations in ball velocities as constant as possible across the package.

TaylorMade P770

P770 ‘s tagline for TaylorMade is Let the Sibling Rivalry Begin. The rivalry is with the P790, the big brother of the P770, by some fair calculation. The P770 has Speed Foam, Tungsten Weighting and Thru Slot Speed Pockets (up to 46 grams). “The style is cosmetically cleaner than P790” (clean “is a trend among all modern TaylorMade iron) but the form is identical, albeit smaller enough to matter.

The P770 is Mini-Me of P790 in almost every regard and I say that with the utmost appreciation for what TaylorMade has achieved with this iron and for the category in which it falls. The category is” distance of the player “and although I might be” distance of the player As the genre has progressed, designs have changed to the point that, at the cost of the size and form desired by the better player, most over-emphasize distance.

“The distance category of the player gets closer to what that might be considered” nicer-looking game-improvement clubs “with each passing season. What I appreciate about the TaylorMade solution and why I feel it would align with the target golfer is that although it stresses the player, the design stays true to what I believe the distance category of the player should be. P770 is a high-tech, hollow-body (including goo-filled design) that stresses pace and distance while keeping a lightweight, eye-pleasing footprint. Call it back to the roots; P770 could signal the rest of the sector to reset the distance designs of their player.