TaylorMade P760 Iron For Sale

TaylorMade has taken what it finds to be the strongest qualities that the P-series has to deliver with its latest P760 irons and merged them into one package to accommodate the needs of better players. However, there is ample forgiving, reach, and launch built into the long iron that would not only accommodate low-handicappers; they will also be a decent match for mid-handicapped golfers who hit the ball more often than not.

The P790 will definitely be a great option for those who want some more distance and forgiveness through their iron package, although players searching for the best of feel, power, and workability may still want to consider the P730 muscleback iron. The Engineering Tale The technology that has been integrated into the latest P760 iron from TaylorMade is extensive, but what makes this iron unique is what makes this iron special.

To maximize outcomes, the blade scale, offset, and loft of each iron have been selected, but that’s just the beginning when it comes to the progressive design of the P760 iron. More precisely, the long and mid irons (3-7) are a hollow construction and have been filled with the patented SpeedFoam of TaylorMade, which in the P790 irons has proved to be surprisingly common and effective. SpeedFoam originates in the hollow cavity as a substance that is injected through a screw which, upon interaction with the air, becomes a rigid substance.

A thinner clubface is sponsored by the SpeedFoam that helps achieve higher ball speeds from all strike positions and also offers improved sound and impact sensation. A latest, lighter SUS630 clubface that features Inverted Cone Technology is also used in the design of the 3-iron through 7-iron, which further facilitates reach, forgiveness, and launch. As with the short irons, they were forged from a single piece of quality 1025 carbon steel, resulting in improved control and operability, as well as an unusually soft feel. Finally, a modern sole geometry that uses a more chamfered leading edge helps to provide enhanced turf contact across the package and a perfectly square look at the address.

Product Package Configuration: 4-PW

Design: Forged Multi-Material

Category: Iron Players

Swing Weight: D2 (PW / AW: D3)

Stock Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

Stock Shaft: Real Temper Dynamic Gold 120

Available in right and left hands, except AW

Custom shafts available

With P760, we set out to build an iron for tour-level action, incorporating all the features that are most suitable for the best player. The progressive set shaping of P760 requires short iron to be lightweight and accurate, whereas the long iron to be infused with our groundbreaking SpeedFoam on a hollow structure.

The effect is a full set of players built to encourage confidence whether or not the long iron is injected with our revolutionary SpeedFoam. Call 612-216-4152 for fitting queries, and for more detail on the custom fitting options, places, and employees of 2nd Swing, click here http:/fitting.2ndswing.info/ Used Photos Overview Trade-in Fitting Condition Guide

NEW GEAR: TaylorMade P760 Irons

By Tony Dear So, again, here we are. Another iron was added by TaylorMade. Sounds old, huh? We have counted seven iron releases over the past 18 months-P730, P750, P770, P790, M3 and M4, and GAPR. And PSi wasn’t moving out any farther. So why another iron, and what can’t the others do for this one? The P760 eliminates the two P750 and P770.0 clubs. It is a forged cavity back aimed at the low-to-mid-handicapper defined by one TaylorMade fitter as the “sleeker, quicker, prettier variant of the 770.”

But, unlike the P770, the long-mid iron has a hollow body filled with the feel-enhancing, sound-improving Speedfoam of TaylorMade injected through the toe end into the core. When within, it is a paste that hardens and has the appearance of Jell-O. Oh, business Jell-O. Its introduction, and the elimination of the P750 and P770 leaves three iron in the acclaimed P-Series of TaylorMade-the stunning P730 sword, the P790 that you can recall PXG kicking up a stink over when it released last August alleging that Speedfoam abused its own vibration-dampening material-COR2.

The short iron (8-A) is one-piece, forged from 1025 carbon steel while the longer one is forged from 1025 carbon steel. But that’s another matter. As you move up the set, the length of the blade reduces, as does the sum of the top-line offset and distance. And the hosel gets shorter as the iron pushes down the Center of Gravity ( CG) longer to make it easier to get the long iron up in the sky. The soles have a subtle chamfer (don’t know what a chamfer is? No, we didn’t either.

It’s a transitional edge between an object’s two faces-a form of bevel. Don’t know what a bevel is? That’s an edge that’s not perpendicular to the faces of the object, whether it’s an edge perpendicular to the faces of the object, “It incorporates all of the components most appropriate for the stronger golfer.” One wonders how long it will be before another iron package is provided by TaylorMade. For a while at least, anyone with handicaps in the 5-15 range should be well set.

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