TaylorMade M2 Iron Set For Sale

“For Serious Golfers, Perfect Iron Set: TaylorMade M2 Iron Set (click to see)” The M2 Iron Set is the longest iron in its type. You will not go wrong with this package, with intense forgiveness, constant ball speeds and heights. “Recommended regardless of the hefty price point for golfers who care deeply about the game.”

Better alternate option: Callaway Steelhead XR Iron Package (click to see) “The Steelhead has the same forgiveness and flexing face as the M2 and uses much of the same concepts as the M2. If you want a 6-PW setup that the M2 does not deliver, we prefer the Callaway at a comparable price point. Search Other Versions on Amazon.com The TaylorMade M2 Iron Set focuses on the efficiency and effective usage of the new technology.

While it comes with a hefty price tag, for serious players who care deeply about their game, this is an excellent Iron Set. If you are actually preparing to play golf over the next few months, then the M2 Iron Package is surely a choice you can consider.

What Makes The M2 Irons Unique

There are some items that differentiate the Taylormade 2017 M2 Irons from other irons available on the market for game enhancement (which we tested here). The M2 Irons is sold as an upgrade package for distance-oriented play. Distance-oriented irons typically have common problems: firstly, to fit larger MOI, the heads are always high, rendering the address very cramped. Second, playability is also affected. Luckily, these challenges are solved by the TaylorMade 2017 M2 Irons: the heads are mid-large rather than excessively bulky.

As a consequence, they are still very good to work with. The equilibrium of success and forgiveness at a distance is often well maintained. While they are not as playable as efficiency, bladed iron, the M2 Irons still have a fair amount of power and shot shaping playability, they are some of the longest iron in the market, and also some of the most forgiving. It is easy to stop the ball anywhere you see fit, particularly with regard to power, even with the higher than normal flight trajectory.

After we have addressed the main characteristics of the TaylorMade 2017 M2 Iron Package, as well as the variations over the 2016 edition, let us move on to our actual analysis and verdicts.

Features & Benefits of the TaylorMade M2 Iron Set

TaylorMade clubs are renowned for their rich, high-tech characteristics, and the 2017 M2 irons are no exception, of course. The main features of the TaylorMade M2 Irons, which would be primarily composed of modern innovations added, will be addressed below. Without further ado, let ‘s explore some of the technologies mentioned below. The Face slot is not an entirely new technology for TaylorMade clubs, first launched a few years back on the TaylorMade RSi.

The M2 Irons 2016 version did not include the face slot, because This is done by 33 percent thinner of the top layer of the head and the leading lip, and the face profile was also designed with a shallower shape. Last but not least, the hosel was also made smaller, and the CG was shortened by around 7 percent in total, enabling the face slot to fit in without losing ball height. As a consequence of this mix, we get all the forgiveness from the larger head size (and hence the larger MOI) of the 2016 M2 iron, and even more from the face slot. These designs enable the face slot to be featured on the 4 to 8 iron.

The 2017 M2 irons are incredibly accommodating, offering you a very strong natural trajectory, including on off-center drives, outstanding ball speed and wide MOI.


When we are talking about technology, TaylorMade is clearly one of the strongest businesses. Without being so over-the-top, the advancements they deliver are still essential, preserving the classical characteristics of the clubs while being groundbreaking at the same time. With the 2017 M2 Irons, this concept of TaylorMade is well-implemented, and as a result, we get a rather advanced iron, technology-wise, while keeping the features of TaylorMade.

The rather low center of gravity positioning, 33 percent lower than the 2016 M2 Irons, is the greatest technological enhancement. Not only does this lower center of gravity placement enable higher travel, but it also enables the missing Face Slot technology from the 2016 M2 Irons. The enhanced prototypes to accomplish the lower center of gravity placement might sound subtle, but they are actually quite sophisticated.

TaylorMade did this by having the hosel lighter, the face thinner and higher, and deliberately engineering the alignment of the ribs. As the end result, we get a very accommodating iron package while being the longest in width as well.


With regard to appearances, TaylorMade is also recognized as one of the best in the business. True to their technology ideology, their clubs appear futuristic, high-tech while also maintaining classical identities. The 2016 edition of the TaylorMade M2 Iron Set was already very good-looking clubs, and with the 2017 version, they are again enhanced.

The re-branded M2 logo from yellow to light green looks fresher and more modern, adding a lot to the ‘upgraded’ looks. The latest chrome tour coating, which appears great compared to the 2016 version’s bare black finish, is another big improvement. Compared to raw finishes, chrome polish still appears to be longer-lasting, because it’s not just about looking alone. Last but not least, the ribs on the back of the cavity. Apparently, they are put in a random fashion, but are really deliberately arranged to stiffen the forehead.

The good-looking ribs often aid in sound and sensation as a result.


The overall efficiency of the TaylorMade M2 Iron Collection is very stable. With respect to distance and forgiveness, they are very excellent, without losing so much atmosphere and playability. For most clubs, the strong flight of the 2017 M2 Irons would be appreciated. The flight could be above normal and it may take some time to get used to it.

The distance produced is also higher than normal, providing a consistent distance efficiency. The graphite options for iron and shaft also match very well with the M2 heads, which feel really light and strong. With the degree of forgiveness they have, with the TaylorMade M2 Irons, you can almost always anticipate consistent efficiency. The level of forgiveness is absolutely outstanding, among the best available on the market today. With the new template, the pace saving is done very well, especially due to the changes in the toe region and outside of the face.