TaylorMade M2 Driver – Better Everything:

Geocoustic construction features sophisticated sole design with a recessed toe plate for additional forgiving.

Externalized sound ribs located on the sole maximize head distortion for excellent sound and sensation.

Strong fixed back weight puts CG incredibly low and back for a combination of pace and forgiveness.

Larger club face layout provides higher launch, lower rotating shots for massive reach.

TaylorMade M2 2020 Driver

6-layer carbon crown with 9-1-1 skeletal titanium body frees up weight. Heavy back weight locates CG incredibly low for power, then farther back for further forgiving. Innovative sole shaping with recessed toe panel enables club face extension for added forgiveness. Externalized sound ribs maximize clubhead feedback for excellent sound and sensation.

TaylorMade M2 drivers For Sale

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.-The M2 drivers of TaylorMade for 2020 offer players a wider face and profile, greater durability, and what the business considers a quicker look than its ancestor, the initial M2.

“The shape is not quite like M1 when you put it down, “said Brian Bazzel, senior director of product development for metalwoods at TaylorMade. “The M1 and M2 were exactly the same form last year. The middle portion of the sole has been partially pushed out. It has a faster appearance. The body of the 460cc is built of 9-1-1 titanium and a six-layer, carbon-composite crown tops it. Going with a carbon-composite crown helped achieve a discretionary weight of 25 grams.

To push the club’s center of gravity lower, the mass was shifted down and to the back of the sole. To get a moment of inertia above 5,000 g-cm2, you will usually have to do something very dramatic to the design, like the square drivers of the past, “Bazzel said. It also helped dramatically improve the moment of inertia.” “That was not all we wanted to do here. The face is 7 percent wider than with the initial M2 driver, and the total footprint of the club is also larger, which can help instill trust in address and improve forgiving more.

Another aspect that helps increase forgiveness, protect ball speed and decrease spin is an improved slot that TaylorMade calls the Speed Pocket behind the Speed Pocket behind the Speed Pocket We use the Speed Pocket to destroy the spin, “Bazzel said. We will use it to drop a large amount of spin to send you high start with low spin and great pace now. You can barely lose ball momentum when you strike the ball with this driver low in the chest. You lose less than 1 mph on a half-and-inch shot struck from the middle.

TaylorMade is launching the 460cc M2 D-Type to support golfers who fight a slice or who need more backspin to hold the ball in the air to optimize distance. Which hardly shows up on a launch display. It has been built with offset, is 1 degree more upright than the regular M2 and has additional heel weight to enable the face to rotate more comfortably on the downswing to square. The business claims it achieves an average right-to-left enhancement of 12 yards. The 2020 M2 (available at retail Jan. 27) comes standard with a Fujikura Pro XLR8 56 high-balance point shaft, and a Matrix Ozik MFS X5 shaft comes with the M2 D-Type.

TaylorMade M2 Driver

“I didn’t expect the amount of enthusiasm of the (original) M2 on Tour,” Bazzel said. As far as the current M2 driver is concerned, it also includes major improvements. “We had to push the envelope for the new M2. In order to give the player more forgiveness, we had to use clever geometric forming, and we also had to give them amazing, explosive tone.
A revamped Speed Pocket that is three times more versatile than its predecessor, which produces and retains more ball speed from all impact points, is probably the most prominent on the list of improvements for the latest M2. The outcome is a driver reaching 5,000 MOI points while also offering high launch conditions and low spin speeds.
As part of the M2 driver lineup, a new D-Type variant will now be eligible, with 460cc clubheads in both models. The D-Type has a built-in draw bias to support players who fail to square the clubface at impact by providing mild offset and being more heel-weighted, which will help avoid an undesirable fade or slice. The M2 will use as its stock shaft the Fujikura XLR8 Pro 56 (high launch, mid-to-high spin), while the M2 D-Type comes standard with the Matrix Ozik White Tie 55 (high launch, mid-to-high spi) For players in need of a different fit, there are still 30 additional premium shafts available without upload.
All M2 driver versions will have a stock length of 45.75 inches and lightweight aluminium loft sleeves that will enable players to change the loft by + /- 2 degrees. The TaylorMade Dual Feel will be the stock grip and usable lofts will be 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degrees, with the 12-degree range not available for left-handers. Women’s M2 and M2 D-Type drivers will both be available, all of which will come in lofts of 10.5 and 12 degrees at a stock length of 44.5 inches and for right-handers only.
The REAX 45 would be the stock shaft for females in the M2 and the Matrix Ozik White Tie 45 in the D-Type. With Winn Dual Feel grips, both women’s versions will also come normal. All told, TaylorMade is enthusiastic about the early feedback it got and feels very confident about what it has achieved from a design point of view when it comes to the new M1 and M2 drivers, especially given that improving on such widely successful and effective items posed some apparent challenges.
The products have improved, and the building method through which we bring these items together is around 90% different. To make a groundbreaking product line much stronger, it was all finished, and I’m definitely most proud of that. SHOP M FAMILY DRIVERS