TaylorMade M Gloire Iron Set For Sale

TaylorMade M Gloire Irons, tuned for rpm, enables next-level efficiency. To maximize launch, tone, and stability on impacts around the face, RIBCOR HT (Heel, Toe) combines with a huge 32 g tungsten weight. Speed pocket technology positioned behind the face increases distance for superior forgiving in low-impact areas.

“To encourage improved swing efficiency, a bigger, lightweight club head blends with ultra-light shaft and grip components.” Our Gloire range has been reimagined for the global market after seeing tremendous demand in Asia. As the most luxurious product line we have produced, M Gloire features best-in – class materials and industry-leading technology. With an emphasis on achieving optimum output and ease of manufacturing.

Premium Technologies:

Huge tungsten weight of 32 g provides high launch while increasing stabilization for further forgivenessSpeed Pocket provides more distance to impact positions below the center3-stage sound dampening device, enabling soft feeling and heavy sound

Completely Optimized for Speed:

Larger, lighter head combined with ultra-light shaft and grip provides a lower total weight for simple speedFujikura Speeder Evolution Graphite Shaft meets the optimum weight and performance specifications needed for speedLamkin GENESIS Grip offers extra weight savings and excellent all-weather performance.


Identification of Need Left Handed or Ladies Initially built for the Japanese and Asian luxury market. Provides players with precision and reach that appear to have a fade and sluggish swing velocity. Above the heel cavity: TaylorMade. Inner cavity: wide M with a smaller GLOIR next to it. Two lines beneath and above the MGLOIRE. Gold men / ladies with pink highlights. RIBCOR HT on the toe, diagonally. Iron- # on the toe. NOTE: do not do that with your left palm.

TaylorMade M Gloire Driver Review – Premium Design

Paul Club Reviews Golf Product Reviews No Feedback In this article, I’ll take a look at the TaylorMade M Gloire driver The M Gloire combines TaylorMade ‘s newest cutting-edge driver technology with the Gloire series premium style, launched back in 2012 for the Asian and Japanese markets.

The M Gloire is designed to have a premium crafted sound, pace and forgiving. But how exactly accurate is it? How does it compare to other deals from TaylorMade including the M4? Is the pocket worth bringing in? Here’s what I’m going to discuss in this review: Efficiency Look, Sound & Feel Features & Technology Where to purchase this driver online


The M Gloire is a little unique since its forged characteristics seem to draw better players, however better players are less likely to have a fade bias against which the driver is sold. Nevertheless, it is a quality TaylorMade driver offering that is ideally tailored to golfers who want a truer sensation with slower swing speeds.

The M Gloire is not for everybody, particularly considering the fact that there is no adjustability with weight tracks or a loft sleeve. It is definitely not a common option in the general golfing community, but that does not imply it will not work well for you. It is quick to launch and provides a good side of distance and forgiving. Offer it a try if you like what you see and can afford the rate. Would you like to try the M Gloire driver? Did you play it? What is your background? In the comments below, let us see.