Ping Vault Putters For Sale

At the 2018 Sony Open in Hawaii on Monday, Ping debuted fresh ‘Vault 2.0’ putters on the PGA Tour, and forum participant tod071 was there to take pictures of them all. As their names suggest, the Vault 2.0 putters are possibly replacements for the Vault putters that were launched in 2016. However, the original Vault release consisted of four Anser 2, Voss, Oslo and Bergen versions that were fully machined out of 303 stainless steel.

Judging from the images we took at the 2018 Sony Open, as highlighted below, there seems to be some additions to the Vault portfolio in the 2.0 iterations. Although at this point we do not have tech details on putters, check out the photos below on each of the putter types, some of which seem to be available in platinum, slate and bronze finishes. Enter the conversation here, too, to see what representatives of GolfWRX think regarding the Vault 2.0 putters.

Looks Sound & Feel

There are five separate versions in the Vault line. The Anser is the most identifiable, of course, and the Voss, a sword with sloping shoulders, follows it. There are two big mallets, the Bergen and the Oslo, and the Arna is a medium-sized choice. Although there are a broad range of head sizes, a rather clean esthetic is the popular thread. Everyone has a single, contrasting line of sight and limited sole marking. All versions in Platinum and Slate finishes are available.

I noticed that both of the Vault putters feels very identical, despite enormous variations in the way the different versions appear. The feeling is quite gentle, and the sound is subdued, bordering on dull. You might not even feel the effect when you play one of the urethane-covered, low compression balls. Although the sound is silent, good audio input on mishits is still available.


With the latest edition of PING ‘s True-Roll face technology, the Vault putters are the first. Although it’s a little more aesthetically interesting than the original edition, it’s just as effective. It helps to establish the same ball pace for those that are not acquainted with True-Roll on putts that are mishit and putts that are solely struck. Result: I find the True-Roll technology to be especially useful in blade-style putters because they lose large quantities of forgiving to the mallets. More one putts, less three putts.

It’s more like stealing if you are able to place well with one of the high-MOI mallets, the Bergen or the Oslo, and you get a TR face. Both blades, Voss and Anser, and the mid-mallet Arna are built to match Minor Arc strokes. In Smooth, Mild Arc, or Heavy Arc setups, all mallets may be purchased. To check out which one would perform better on your stroke, see a PING fitter.

Ping Vault putters

And Ping also created a gold-plated variant of the winning putter to the exact specifications for both of those competitions, with the champion having one and another heading into the vault of the business. Ping has now drawn on that performance in a small run to introduce the Vault range of putters. In the range, there are four styles, including two blades (Anser 2 and Voss) and two mallets (Oslo and Bergen). The blade models come in two finishes — platinum and slate — and they are crafted of forged 303 stainless steel, made to ensure high-quality production and to produce a distinctive look and feel.

The Anser and Anser 2 models are both familiar, although the Voss style is a minor departure. The Voss has a sloped heel-toe shape in a 350-gram box with a narrower ball-width cavity (the same weight as the Anser 2 model). Ping ‘s True Roll face-milling pattern is subtly revised with variable depth around the face on all of these models to better monitor distance and durability regardless of where a putt is struck on the face. The Oslo and Bergen mallet models are milled from 6061 T-6 aluminum.

Normally, one of the least interesting things about that line is the name associated with a new line of putters. In the past, there have been several “out there” putter line titles, packed with selects, metals, X’s, and other cognomen madness terms, none of which really pushed my needle. But, I was discovered by PING calling this line of fresh putters VAULT. You know, this is what I generally equate with PING and Vault … with the gold putter vault in Ping. Win a PING putter tournament and you’ll get a replica of your putter plated with gold and another one will be attached to the vault. Win a major, and the putter is going to be solid gold.

That’s what the winning PING vault reflects. That’s why I think calling Vault these putters is a bold move. It’s like calling Thor, or Oprah, a boy. For a tyke whose only success so far is the dirtying of trousers, that’s a ton of name to develop into. There would be certain aspirations of the name Vault … So what have the engineers of PING come up with this time that might render these putters deserving of gold vault? Before delving through the specific versions, let’s touch a pair of high concept points.