Ping Sigma Putters

The PING Sigma 2 putters are built to push the PING putter line to a new stage of success and enthusiasm. PING uses a dual-durometer face in the latest Sigma line to create a smoother feeling on each putt. With PING possessing deep technical golf experience for more than 60 years, they have been able to establish that 8 out of 10 golfers use the wrong size putter. They developed an adjustable length shaft that comes standard on every Sigma 2 putter to combat this rather extensive problem. You can maximize accuracy on-shot only by having a putter fit for you.

The PING Sigma 2 face technology is meant for the golfer who wants a putter on the weaker side of the scale, along with some of the advantages of a firm face, including more consistency on longer putts. The Sigma 2 series offers a feeling preference that appeals to a wide segment of golfers while providing the efficiency and durability golfers need to boost their results on the greens by incorporating two hardnesses of the PEBAX content.

PING introduces Sigma putter family

Back to Media Center PING today unveiled the Sigma 2 putter series with an emphasis on a softer feel and vibrant reaction across multi-layer face technology and a newly built adjustable-length shaft. Available in 10 options, including the latest, extremely reliable Fetch model equipped with a golf-ball-pickup feature, the new putters are available for pre-order at approved PING golf shops around the world today.

“The Sigma 2 putters are designed to offer our putter line a new level of success and enthusiasm,” said John K. Solheim, PING President. We merged our vast technological expertise gathered over our nearly 60-year experience with the needs of the average golfer, as we do with any product. This solution involves giving golfers the option to configure their shaft length in the Sigma 2, coupled with the latest face design that is both very soft and sensitive, by incorporating a easy and intuitive adjustable-shaft-length technology that is a basic function on any putter in the line.

Our survey showed that 8 out of 10 golfers are playing wrong-length putters as a consequence of missing strokes. That’s a staggering figure for us and one that we made it simple with the Sigma 2 for golfers to overcome. If they use a putter duration suited to their game, golfers can see substantial change in their putting accuracy.

Ping Sigma Putters

In the industry right now, this is a rather under-served sector. Many putter fittings appear to concentrate on the position of the loft and lie without giving any consideration to the most significant aspect of the head model itself. There are two key ideologies we have. The first is our stroke fit, whereby both models are classified as either balanced face (suiting a straight back straight through stroke or someone battling a push miss), mid-hang (suiting a slight arc stroke, a decent middle ground for several players) or down toe (suiting a solid arc stroke or someone battling a pull miss). Each putter is numbered according to the form of stroke and in the line we have some of each one. The second is that we allow golfers to learn of their core method of targeting.

The bulk of players didn’t even care about it. We see four major golfer groups: those that use a very conventional clean top rail with maybe a short line or dot, those who frame the ball using ball-width alignment lines, others that want to see broad and ample alignment characteristics, or others who are aiming for an alignment assist (or string) that goes right up to the club. Once most people think about that for a minute or two, it tends to significantly narrow down the options.