Ping Heppler Putters For Sale

Technology The PING Heppler putters’ tale starts with a strong, machined face. With pleasant sound and sensitive comments, the use of a hard steel face gives these golf clubs a firmer feeling of effect. Machine-milling the faces on these putters often gives a degree of accuracy that lets each club conform with the exact requirements of PING. The mallets and mid-mallets are multi-material putters with cast aluminum in the heads in addition to milled steel, providing more forgiveness and optimum gravity core positions for precision and accuracy.

PING offered the Heppler putters a matching copper and black finish with a paint scheme that offers visual alignment indicators and looks fantastic without resolving glare. With quite a wide range of models to chose from, there is a shape for golfers of all kinds, regardless of whether you prefer a blade with limited alignment aids or a wider mallet that frames the ball and allows alignment smoother. These putters use the same PING adjustable-length shaft technology first used in the Sigma 2 series. The adjustable system with the Heppler putters is situated within the grip and can be balanced with any torque wrench. Each complete turn of the device changes the length of the putter by around a quarter of an inch.

It is possible to change each putter down to 32 “or up to 36”. Who It’s For PING Heppler putters are built for golfers who want a firmer feeling and impact tone. Too much about putting comes down to what each particular player feels happy with when positioning the golf ball and likes. The milled structure of the Heppler putter line is a perfect match for those who want a firm, strong feel and input. Performance The solid face on the PING Heppler putters leads to visible reaction and firm feeling performance. The ball rolled true with a fantastic response from the ears. Our product specialist discovered that the feeling and reaction of the organization made it easier to monitor distance, which is important for improved results.


The PING Heppler putters give a number of looks at the address with 9 separate versions, but there are several variations across the whole line. To help you concentrate on those critical putts, the contrasting copper and black colors give a streamlined look in the bag and minimize glare. PING offered choices for all sorts of golfers, with personal preference playing such a significant role in the look of a putter. Traditional knives, mid-mallets, and larger mallets are present. There are solutions that support from the ball for no alignment lines, single alignment lines, multiple alignment lines, and wider putter types.


All of the putters have a distinctive black and copper paint scheme in the PING Heppler collection. This takes the shape of a copper top line and a black flange in conventional styles. The copper is more on the outside edges of the mallets, while the Fetch is predominantly copper. I enjoyed this color mix in pictures, but I love it guy. It’s eye-catching and distinct, but in a few years it’s not gaudy and won’t look dated. The finishes are well done and carry a really high end appearance to these putters.

Additionally, I noticed that the copper top line kept much of my attention on the Anser 2 and contributed to some really nice performance. With two cases, PING fans would be acquainted with the head shapes in this line. There are the timeless styles, Anser 2 (seen here), Piper, ZB3, and Ketsch, Tyne, Fetch, fresh classics. The Tomcat 14 (seen here) and Floki are the latest additions. These are both massive mallets with very large MOI and major alignment supports.


In all their goods, PING ‘s focus on custom fitting is seen, but in their putter line ups it is more apparent. As for all of their latest launches, from Straight to Subtle Arc to Heavy Arc, they have templates to match any putting stroke. PING gives the same head shape with Straight and Subtle Arc configurations in the case of many mallets. In the Heppler band, there are a total of eight distinct head shapes: two knives, one conventional mallet, and five modern mallets. The grip is a frequently forgotten piece of the fitting puzzle, but PING did not miss something. Four stock grip choices are available: PP59, PP60, PP61, and PP62.

I evaluated the PP59 (left, above) and the PP60 (right, above). The PP59 has a gun shape and was really comfortable because it’s equivalent to what I’m playing. I really preferred the PP60 because the “V” locked perfectly through my fingertips at the back of the handle. The PP61 is a bigger, heavier pistol type handle, and the PP62 is a larger, circular, light grip. Eventually, PING’s adjustable length shaft is used in the Heppler putters, which the business has managed to refine. I can’t overestimate how significant it is, while adjustable duration might not be as sexy as other characteristics. It is a big asset on the green to have the option to dial in an exact shaft length without any difficulty. It’s also worth remembering that the shaft was made firmer by PING.

I didn’t find the shaft to be soft or loose, even on long putts at its full range. I had instant chemistry with the Heppler Anser 2 on the green. This was not a surprise, but I liked how the comparison between the copper top line and the black flange held my attention on the top line and the ball. This is the style I generally play. The amount of forgiveness felt as nice as your typical Anser or even stronger. Tiny mishits were appropriate, not major mishits. Tomcat 14 has the maximum MOI in the Heppler line of any putter.

With thick “wings” at the far corners and lots of free room, this is simply a forgiveness-driven style. It’s going to get to the hole if you drive the ball somewhere in the center of the face, because you ought to hit a really long putt on the very outer reaches of the face to make the Tomcat 14 curl. Similarly amazing is the alignment feature of the Tomcat 14. The 14 dots were influenced by runway lights from the airport and are unique yet functional. Usually, I’m not a fan of broad alignment characteristics, but I found a lot of faith over this putter.

Ping Heppler ZB3 Putter

For golfers who want a firmer impact feel and tone, the Heppler putters give a machined, strong profile. For precision and consistency, multi-material (steel and pressure-cast aluminum) mallets and mid-mallets have severe forgiving and optimum CG. The alignment signals and visual appeal are generated by a premium, contrasting copper-and-black finish. A stiffer adjustable-length shaft (in unique black chrome) is standard and all stroke styles (Straight, Mild Arc, Heavy Arc) may be fitted for golfers.