Ping G710 Iron For Sale

The 17-4 stainless steel head’s hollow body structure allows an internal geometry that places weight away from the faceMetalwood-like flexing and high COR dramatically improves ball speed to propel the ball higher and fartherPlayability and high launch advantages attained while retaining a slim, aesthetically appealing shapeC300 maraging steel face increases ball speed and distance by genera

A hollow frame, 17-4 stainless steel head structure with an internal geometry arrangement that places weight away from the face for metalwood-like flexing, features PING ‘s longest, most accommodating iron. To further improve face stretch and tighten dispersion, a C300 branding steel face blends with low and intense heel-toe weighting. The stealth, hydropearl finish repels moisture and eliminates club and turf contact friction.

PING is well known for the excellent equipment that goes through their golf clubs, but the irons of the G710 illustrate that they still know how to make a club look fine. The business has improved the subjective elements when packing in more distance and forgiveness than any other PING iron, meaning that players can not only profit from getting this in the bag, they will want to.

Design Details:

PING ‘s longest iron built for the player finding the ultimate mix of forgiveness and distanceShaft: PING AWT 2.0 Steel ShaftPING’s AWT 2.0 steel shaft uses a steeper weight progression by setLighter long iron shafts support square the face to improve reach and precision of club head speedHeavier short iron / wedge shafts for improved trajectory co


Any discussion of the look of the PING G710 has to begin with the closing. An eye catcher in the bag is the glittering Hydropearl Camouflage finish. The streamlined marking complements this stylish paint choice: “G710” in the hollow, “PING” on the hosel and the iron number on the sole.

This is it. This is a master lesson in bringing bag appeal to a super iron enhancement game. The dark finish performs the job at the address by having the G710 iron appear slim. Thinner than anticipated and well formed is the top line. This is a long club from heel to toe, however by keeping the eye only on the grooved part, the contrast in the face makes it look smaller. A large amount of offset is present.

Sound & Feel

If there was a shortcoming in the G700 irons, it was their tone and feel. They were a little chaotic and the tone was a little unorthodox. With the G710, the effect stimuli have been significantly enhanced by PING, which provides a deep feeling that belies the thin face. The sound is a bass-y “click” that is very quiet, particularly for an SGI iron. The minimal feedback is the only carryover from the G700. With such a high MOI, it is difficult to precisely locate the effect. I could differentiate flush shots from major misses, but it was challenging to locate the in-between shots.


One of the aspects PING is most known for is finding it easy to strike iron, so that’s saying a lot when they say the G710 is their longest and most forgiving. Thanks to the high density tungsten weights in the heel and toe, the MOI is 5 percent better than in the G700 irons (review HERE). I saw just what I wanted from the G710 irons in my testing: long shots falling in a close circle. These irons have plenty of ball pace, are quick to launch and bear ample spin to maintain a green.

The G710 iron is the cure if you are tired of distance iron that does nothing but shoot knee-high rockets and knuckleballs. I picked up a distance club but retained my landing angle. More than every other club in the package, I was very surprised by the 4-iron. I fail to get adequate distance and accuracy out of long irons as a low starting match. The ball got up into a playable window with the G710 4I, brought a long distance, and landed as gently as I might possibly imagine.

As has been their practice, on the G710, PING provides a boatload of shaft choices normal. The new PING Alta Distanza is their lightest (43 grams), the biggest iron shaft to be introduced yet. There are choices from Nippon, KBS, True Temper, UST, and Project X, in addition to two other patented PING shafts. Eventually, each package of PING G710 irons comes with Arccos Caddie Smart Grips. The sensor is designed directly into the iron grip such that each shot can be monitored. PING also gives one free year of Arccos Caddie to-client. In addition, PING provides eight additional Arccos sensors if you buy six or more irons, so you can collect data from any club in your pocket.


In July 2018, in an attempt to deliver the best-feeling iron for players in a more physically pleasing, crisper kit, PING substituted the i200 with the i210. Six months back, the G410 was released and the aim was to offer players the output of a larger club, albeit in a physically smaller kit. The i500 and G710 are the hollow-body models of the i210 and G410, respectively, take a macro view of the iron roster of PING. Today, in PING ‘s iron line-up, the PING G710 replaces the G700 and remains the biggest, most humane on the menu.

The key challenge for the G710 was to fix two fatal defects in the G700. Well, “fatal” is a little too macabre, but although the G700 reached efficiency standards, golfers were much less enthusiastic about its feel and aesthetic reliability. The way PING looks at upgrading any concept is that they have to be forward while measures may be short. That is, any improved output in one region (ball speed, forgiveness, aesthetics) in another field can not come at the expense of decreased performance.

Ping G710 irons

Hollow-body 17-4 stainless steel crown, plasma-welded maraging steel C300 face, tungsten toe and hosel weights Available: Jan. 20 For mid- to higher-handicap golfers who want to hit the ball higher and deeper, Ping launched its first hollow-bodied iron kit, the G700, two years ago. The manufacturer has now launched the upgrade to the club, the G710, hoping that it can help golfers get further distance and be more forgiving.

Although each G710 iron ‘s body is cast from 17-4 stainless steel, reinforced maraging steel is made of the hitting regions. Its strength allowed engineering to render it thin, and the hitting region will bend more easily at impact since the clubs are hollow. Ping said that the G710 generates the most face deflection of any Ping iron to enable golfers generate more ball speed and more distance. Inserted tungsten under the hosel to raise the moment of inertia in a screw piece in the toe region. To raise the perimeter weighting and improve the moment of inertia, (Ping) Ping also added bits of tungsten in the heel and toe fields. Ping said the G710 has a 5 percent higher moment of inertia than the G700, suggesting it can do well on off-center strikes.

What could impress golfers the most is how the G710 sounds at impact. Hollow-bodied iron usually has a higher-pitched voice, not the powerful, resounding tone emerging from several solid, better-player clubs. Ping’s creators applied an Ethylene-vinyl acetate polymer piece to a region within the head after observing the sound waves clubs create at effect, to withstand unwanted vibrations and increase the sound. As a consequence, the G710 has a close sound profile to Ping’s Blueprint iron, the clubs used by certain tour players such as Louis Oosthuizen.

Rather than most other Ping iron, the G710 iron ‘s face deflects or bends. (Ping) Although there was a chrome finish on the G700 irons, the G710 irons are darker. In order to help players get more accurate performance and prevent fliers produced by water on the forehead, the hydropearl camouflage chrome finish decreases glare and repels water. Even if the two irons are similar in dimension, the darker finish often allows the G710 look narrower than the G700. Every G710 iron comes standard with Golf Pride grips with an integrated Arccos sensor. On the G710 irons, (Ping) Ping creates regular Arccos Caddie Golf Pride 360 Tour Velvet Smart grips.

The embedded sensor of each grip will connect to a free Arccos mobile app and provide useful details, such as how far and club is usually hit by players and where they appear to miss. After the purchase of six or more G710 irons, golfers earn a 90-day free trial of the Arccos Caddie software and eight extra screw-in sensors at no charge. If players like the added Caddie feature, which utilizes analytics to provide recommendations for clubs and offer strategic guidance, once the 90-day trial is complete, they would need to purchase a $99.99 yearly membership.