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Besides a true sword or full club for game progress, the M.O. Better aesthetics, better feeling, more forgiveness and more reach are of today’s iron. Granted, it is not impossible to glean since nearly every iron an OEM has front and center supports such qualities. Nevertheless, Ping Golf has never been an organization to pursue patterns. If something, they placed them, which is quickly illustrated by the numerous Anser-style putters, perimeter-weighted iron and high toe wedges flooded today throughout the marketplace.

But there is a period to lead and a time to imitate. Ping has hopped on the looks, sound, forgiveness and distance train with the latest G410 iron, but they have done it the Ping way. Ping has made significant changes to its mid-level game enhancement platform by packing the same G700 max enhancement iron technology into a frame that looks and sounds more like the iron of the Ping i210 players. Take a look at the screenshots, in-hand pictures and information below for a full rundown of Ping G410 iron, hybrid and crossover, including an on-course analysis of Ping G410 iron and ot.

G410 Irons

The G410 iron is a lightweight concept built for golfers that want a blade-style look with the efficiency of a game-improvement model while advancing Ping ‘s credibility for producing the most forgiving iron possible. The engineering team of Re-shaping Distance and Forgiveness Ping developed a face and cavity system in the G410 iron that provides faster b In order to obtain an 8 percent improvement in the moment of inertia (MOI) for further forgiveness and stability, the extra weight savings are concentrated in the toe and hosel. The more compact, free-moving face amplifies ball speeds for greater reach and greater maximum height, enabling golfers to drive less club into the green with the control and accuracy to maintain the putting surface.

This is done by de-coupling the weighting mechanism from the face to build a wider flexing region that acts like a hinge of stability and predictability to propel the ball quicker and higher. High Points for Look , Feel and Sound The clean, refined shape of the G410 iron benefits from a marginally shorter blade duration and 10 percent less offset relative to the G400 iron, providing an inspiring blade-iron-style look with broad appeal. The next phase of COR-Eye technology drives the performance in combination with the proprietary cascading sole design and deep rail undercut. The resilient finish of hydropearl 2.0 gives an enticing look and leads to the smooth contact of the turf. The full-cavity, co-molded aluminum and elastomer badge offers a solid, soothing feel and tone.

Precision-Milled Wedge GroovesThe grooves on the G410 PW, UW, SW and LW are precision machined with a sharper edge radius using an incredibly precise wheel-cut milling method first developed by Ping’s engineering and manufacturing teams for the Glide 2.0 wedge sequence, increasing contact with the sharper edge radius

G410 Crossovers

The G410 Crossover blends the precision and power of an iron with the pace and forgiveness of a composite with a small, branding steel face for higher ball speeds and a 30-gram dual-density tungsten toe weight to improve the MOI. The stainless steel head, available in 2, 3 and 4, sets up square and provides a smooth, premium look with the gearing properties of an iron to allow precision shot making. The internal ribs are designed to help stiffen the body of the clubhead and provide a good feel and tone.

Lie: 58.1 ⁇ Length: 40.375′′ Swing weight: D1 Lie: 59 ⁇ Length: 39.75′′ Swing weight: D1 Lie: 59.9 ⁇ Length: 39.125′′ Swing weight: D1 * Shaft offers include Alta CB 70 Graphite (SR 69 g, R 73 g, S 76 g, X 79 g), Tour 85 Graphite (R 76 g, S 83 g, X 88 g) and AWT 2.0 (96 g, S 99 g, XS 113 g) Ping G410 Crossovers retail starting at $249 and on March 7 Demo and hit shelves.

New Ping G410 irons: “The most forgiving iron of its size”

Compared to all of their previous versions, Ping has launched the latest G410 Irons, the company’s newest game-improvement product, offering less offset and a higher MOI. These 2019 Ping Irons have a face and cavity construction that helps to have faster ball speeds while sacrificing weight to expand the weighting of the perimeter. In order to produce an 8 percent improvement in the moment of inertia (MOI), the incremental weight savings are redistributed to the toe and hosel, which is intended to offer golfers greater forgiveness and consistency.

The iron features a more versatile and free flowing face, accomplished by de-coupling the weighting system from the face to build a wider flexing region. “The wider flexing region is meant to serve as a pivot to propel the ball quicker and higher with accuracy, enabling golfers to carry fewer club towards the green. Ping President John K. Solheim, referring to the current G410 Irons firms, said,” In the G410 iron, our developers questioned the notion that you should not render an iron smaller and at the same time maximize forgiving. When compared to the G400 iron, they have produced a clean, highly desirable build with less offset and a considerably higher MOI.”It’s the most forgiving iron of its scale.

It would cater to a wide variety of golfers as it provides quicker ball speeds, optimum forgiveness and amazing sensation with a appealing look, all the qualities they need to drive their iron shots better, farther and straighter. The Ping G410 rrons have a marginally shorter blade duration and 10 percent less offset relative to the G400 iron, and the Hydropearl 2.0 finish clubs tend to add to the Ping G410 rrons. Although the current Ping Irons’ full-cavity, co-molded aluminum and elastomer badge is built to provide players with a more pleasing tone and better overall feel. In the G410 wedges (PW, UW, SW and LW), the same geometry used in the Glide 2.0 wedge sequence has been used. The wedges have a sharp edge radius that helps to maximize contact with the ball cover at impact, producing greater friction, resulting in better spin and trajectory stability.

On the latest high-spin wedges of Ping, Solheim said, “The completely machined grooves on all four wedges are an illustration of the additional precision that we have engineered into the G410 iron.” For players who want a consistent look and feel in their package, in their scoring clubs, they can now enjoy far higher spin and control along with all the other output benefits of iron technology.

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\At certified Ping golf shops around the world starting today, the latest additions from Ping are eligible for pre-order and custom fitting. The G410 Irons cost $135 (stock or aftermarket) per iron w / steel shaft; $150 per iron w / stock graphite shaft.

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