Callaway Triple Track Putter for sale

The Triple Track Ten is a super high-MOI double-bend face-balanced mallet that is ideally adapted for strokes with limited face rotation and arc. This latest concept includes our Triple Track alignment device influenced by Vernier Hyper Acuity ‘s physics, our multi-material Stroke Lab shaft to maximize the stroke, and our new Microhinge Star insert to facilitate smooth forward roll. The Triple Track Ten is a super high-MOI double bend face-balanced mallet that is ideally designed for reduced face rotation and arc strokes. This latest 10 concept features our Triple Track alignment device influenced by Vernier Hyper Acuity ‘s physics, our multi-material Stroke Lab shaft to strengthen the stroke, and our new Microhinge Star insert to facilitate steady forward roll.

If you go to your nearest golf shop to putting green, you can find countless putters that promise to enhance your target. Although promises of better synchronization have been around for years, the way Callaway has with Triple Track, few OEMs have gone all in with a single definition. Triple Track was first used on their golf balls and has now found its way into the lineup of Odyssey putters. I checked a few of these putters to see how they will meet the pledge of a superior target. The Triple Track putter ‘s namesake attribute is also the most visually dominating. The term for the thick white stripe with three multi-colored lines down the middle is Triple Track alignment. I don’t like the look of it personally, but it’s there for accuracy not design.

Odyssey Triple Track putters come in five distinct headshape, many of which Odyssey fans would be acquainted with. Modern classics involve the Two-Ball and the Two-Ball Blade. The most traditional of the Triple Track choices is Odyssey’s Double Wide. For all in need of a really new look, the Marxman and Ten give everything. The insert is white in front of the Odyssey Triple Track putters, but it’s not White Hot for your dad. With a more noticeable impact tone, the current Microhinge Star insert is designed to be firmer, and all of those characteristics became noticeable from the first roll. A medium volume “tock” is created by hitting a urethane-covered ball, which is in stark contrast to the “thud” of other White Hot inserts.


The main question is, “Will synchronization with Triple Track really work?” The response would be based on the consumer, as in about anything in golf. Testing by Callaway says that a lot of golfers profit from Triple Lane. For me, I noticed that not much better or worse than a normal line was the Triple Track putter on its own (my preference is for putters without a line). As I matched the Triple Track putter with a golf ball from Triple Track, though, it was like a light went on.

I felt like I was seeing my lines with amazing clarity, and that intuition was backed up by the performance. If you’re going to use a Triple Track putter, make sure you’re also trying a Triple Track ball. If you want a deep Triple Track dive, check out my Jason Finley HERE podcast with Callaway Golf Like I said earlier, the Triple Track putter line has five head shapes-Marxman, Double Wide, 2-Ball, 2-Ball Blade, and Ten. Two of those versions are sold in two distinct neck setups, one face balanced, one with toe hag, the Ten and Double Wide. While there are no real knives, most golfers should be able to find one that suits fairly well for their eyes and strokes.

Callaway Triple Track Technology

The Triple Track Technology for Callaway depends on Vernier Hyper Acuity. (Courtesy of Callaway) What does putting a golf ball have to do with landing a fighter plane on an aircraft carrier? Plenty, when Callaway’s Triple Track Technology features that golf ball. Triple Track depends on Vernier Hyper Acuity, which, opposed to a normal side stamp alignment assist, helps to enhance alignment. It is a related technology to that used in aircraft carrier landing strips, and relies on the brain’s capacity to process minor orientation variations observed in the eyes.

Vernier Hyper Acuity is often used in gun sights, exceeding the limitations of the naked eye, with many reference points enabling golfers to match their ball more accurately. Callaway’s Triple Track Technology first emerged in the ERC Soft golf ball of the firm and has spread to the famous TOUR-level Chrome Soft X golf ball of the business, which is actually Phil Mickelson’s ball of choice. The latest line of flatsticks incorporates all of the above innovations to add Triple Track from the ball to the top of the putter, so that golfers can maintain improved putter coordination. We talked with Jason Finley, Global Golf Ball Director of Callaway, on all aspects Triple Track and the remarkable success pace of TOUR’s revolutionary technology.

Odyssey Triple Track Putter Review

As far as putters are concerned, when you are on the top of the mountain, and make absolutely no mistake the Odyssey is on top, so the demand for new and greater never ends. Often, though, it comes from endless analysis, production, and tour testing, sometimes influenced by another Callaway app, red / blue markers, and a case for the handset. I ‘m bringing you the real-life R&D behind Odyssey Triple Track Putters in the case of the last one. I was able to work on this analysis of the Triple Track 2-Ball and it was quite a journey in a number of respects … and yeah, the tale above is actually how it happened, straight from the mouth of Sean Toulon, Callaway Senior VP and Odyssey GM.

Fast Take Scoff and name it what you like on a putter, red and blue lines, but do a little homework on what Triple Track is and where it comes from, and you can soon deduce that this is more than just a site thread. Although it’s obviously not going to be for everybody, I’m going to take the bold stand that it works and works much better than it does on the golf ball. Combined with Triple Track, Odyssey putter software is something everybody wants to at least go out and attempt. Odyssey Triple Track Putters First things first, I would like to dip into the broad picture of what makes up the Triple Track lineup, for yes, the emphasis is on synchronization, but these still feature all the creative muscle recently presented by the Stroke Lab Black and Silver lineups.

Stroke Lab shaft technology is at the core of a hybrid steel and graphite shaft concept set to redistribute the balance of current putters due to the heavier heads we see today if you are not up to speed on putter shaft technology. In order to increase the overall flow and tempo, as well as the continuity of the putter and shaft partnership across the motion, 40 g of weight is redistributed from the middle of the standard putter shaft to the head and ass. If you ever question it, look no further than the staggering overall win and Tour conversion ratio that it has tallied up. Also, the latest Microhinge Star insert includes the Triple Track roster. If you can’t say, when it comes to their inserts to improve the roll but find the correct sound, Odyssey has been on a never-ending search.

When it comes to sensation, it should come as no surprise that for most Tour consumers, the White Hot remains the be all end all, they continuously ask Odyssey for the feeling, albeit with a better roll. The secret to it is something that THP was willing to explore with Sean Toulon himself, and according to him, the explanation why they don’t all “keep to White Hot” if it’s the feeling searched after is that roll is left on the table when heading that path. He and the organization thought they were near with the advent of Microhinges, but the individual hinges appear to behave like deep milling on a putter face with less surface area hitting the shot, because even though it is introduced into a White Hot body, a drop in the input that is being sought on Tour has to this stage been triggered.

You will see with the latest Microhinge Star that the hinges seem to fade into the face of the WH, and that is the key. Sean went so far in our conversations as to claim, “I don’t believe this is the best insert we’ve had since White Hot, but the best insert we’ve ever had from efficiency, tone, feel, and having the ball to roll smoother.” Bold speak, and bold convictions. Triple Track is, of course, rounding it out. The same lines focused on Vernier Hyper Acuity and used on golf balls from the Triple Track that took the golf ball industry by storm, except on a putter … well … putters.

The colour, thickness, and positioning of the lines and how the human mind perceives them are the secret to this. In the end, amateurs are bad at aligning their putters and, according to Odyssey ‘s detailed laser alignment tests of thousands of golfers, even though they believe they are, most are not set up near the goal. The Triple Track is a way to get the brain to see alignment more properly to allow for better consistency regardless of the device being used. Odyssey chose the 2-Ball, 2-Ball Blade, Ten, Ten S, Double Broad, Double Wide Flow, and Marxman versions to feature the Triple Track Alignment for this lineup.

If you note, there is just one type there, the Double Broad, which may be viewed as a true non-mallet form, the explanation being that Triple Track fits better on a surface similar to the golf ball ‘s equator, according to Odyssey, because mallets are natural matches. That’s not to suggest that the TT doesn’t work on the Double Broad, it certainly can, just since it’s on the lower flange and farther from the middle of the ball, it’s just not as powerful as on mallets. Why then sell it? A stronger lineup is easy, a more well-rounded lineup. Triple Track 2-Ball Now, to the nuts and bolts of it all, does it work? Getting straight to the issue when it applies to the edition of 2-Ball that I placed into action for this analysis, yeah, yes, it works. First of all, however,

I want to dip into the 2-Ball itself, this was a fresh one for me as I have never spent some good time with a 2-Ball during all my time publishing, reviewing, and just hoarding putters. No wonder it’s legally one of the best putter models of all time , the two circles that directly mirror a golf ball ‘s size and form are ideal for simple coordination, and now incorporate Triple Track, and wow. I just want to touch on the finish and send Odyssey kudos here as there was a period when I was quite dismissive of their finish qualities, but frankly, some of it might be coincidence, because Sean Toulon has come into the mix all other than headcover longevity (my one hang-up on Odyssey) has become very luxury looking.

The TT 2-Ball was shockingly a lot of fun on the greens, and I say surpri While it took a few sessions to trust the alignment, it was because it showed to me just how awkwardly off to be honest from my understanding of where I was aiming at. No, not everyone would like to glance at the formation lines and colours or be willing to look down, so that’s why we have choices. I also experimented on this one in synchronization and without the Triple Track golf ball. If you are someone who uses an alignment line on a club, so when paired with the TT golf ball, clearly this one produces a proverbial putting alignment highway.

I had success there for me personally, but I was more optimistic and pleased with the putter alignment alone, which is why I assume that Triple Track may probably function better on the putter than the golf ball, but I am also one who does not use an alignment line on my golf ball so that in my opinion, obviously, plays a part. This is not my first rodeo reviewing a putter (Odyssey Ten and Bird of Prey Analysis here) with the Microhinge Star insert in it, but the more time I spend with it, the more fun it is. This one is certainly more audible than we have seen from previous versions, and the roll is as repeatable and steady as one would anticipate.

With the Triple Track putters from Odyssey, there is plenty to be impressed by, and the best way to shape an opinion on them is to get out and give them a roll. Make sure to get in on the conversation on The Hackers Paradise forums once you do, and let your opinion be noticed.


While I’m usually somebody who doesn’t want support with my alignment, when combined with Callaway’s Triple Track golf balls, I have to confess that I find the Odyssey Triple Track putters quite efficient. Although I don’t think there’s one solution that’s right for all golfers, I don’t think anybody struggling with their target should look at these flat sticks.