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New Flash Face SS20 Artificial Intelligence provides a thinner face for ultra-fast ball speeds over a larger areaCyclone Aero shape features a shallower outline with a smooth crown to decrease drag for improved clubhead speedHigh-strength FS2S Titanium face allows optimum speed, forgiveness and spin performanceTwo internal Jailbreak bars bind the crown to the sole, slicing the crown to the sole. The architecture features an internal titanium rib system that fine-tunes the head to the next stage with the Callaway MAVRIK Driver for unmatched sound and feelPush results.

The driver is built to equip golfers with a combination of unparalleled reach, forgiveness, stability and feel, developed with improved technology. A.I. Fresh. The built Flash Face SS20 for optimum ball pace, forgiveness and spin output is constructed with high-strength FS2S Titanium. Two internal bars are used by Innovative Jailbreak Technologies to balance the crown and sole for much greater ball pace, whereas the T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown encourages improved distance and precision efficiency on mis-hits. Engineered to equip golfers with a mix of excellent distance, forgiveness, stability and sensation.


I do like the deep metallic orange paint on the head of the MAVRIK, even though I’m not a huge fan of the glossy orange section on the head mask. The contrasting hue of the pinstripe on the crown’s trailing edge and the ‘Riptide’ outline on the shaft make the club appear unified. For a real custom club, Callaway often provides more than 1,400 color combos. Face-on, the regular MAVRIK has a tall, rounded presence that Callaway is quintessential to me. Looking from above, with an aerodynamic shape, the head is symmetrical. The high gloss coating on the composite crown looks beautiful, but depending on the location of the light, the reflectivity may be a little distracting. Overall, wonderful shaping. In equal manner to what Matt S.

The regular MAVRIK has a really good sound with the Sub Zero model [LINK] and Dylan on the MAX [LINK]. The subsequent “thwack” resonated with a nice baritone pitch between a metallic and woodsy sound. When I asked for clarification on “hot” as stated in the intro, the golfers all mentioned that the face felt springy and that the ball felt like it was being fired off the face. For me, catching urethane cover balls exemplified the experience.

While there was not much input on the position of the shot, the feeling is quite satisfyingLooking at the data gathered at Club Champion on the launch display, two MAVRIK output results stuck out: fantastic pace and accuracy of the ball. All of this can be attributed to the Flash Face SS20 and Jailbreak technology to a degree. Neither design element is entirely fresh, but the durability of the designs is a testimony to their influence on results.

Jailbreak concentrates the impact forces on the face by linking the crown and sole of the club behind the face. And the face is now constructed from FS2S titanium, which is “ 6 grams lighter than conventional titanium, ” enabling manufacturers to redistribute weight for higher MOI. Callaway again used artificial intelligence to improve ball speed and forgiveness in order to refine the face shape for the current face content. The subsequent Flash Face SS20 showed me noteworthy continuity with results spread over a wider surface region, an attribute that can help most golfers.

Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

The flagship design that fits the majority of golfers is the Callaway MAVRIK driver. This driver is built with a new Cyclone aero design that Callaway designed, in addition to the new Flash Face design and validated Jailbreak Technology. A higher ribbon and flatter crown are included in this shape, built to reduce swing drag and improve efficiency. Research reveals that the Cyclone shape decreased drag by about 60%, contributing to an improvement in club head speed of 1 to 1.5 mph.

Callaway has used a different form of high-strength titanium to build the MAVRIK driver’s mask. This particular titanium form is known as FS2S and is heavier, more versatile, and allows for a more consistent face to sustain high speed and distance. They are willing to use less of it by using a better material, and save 6 grams of weight. The MAVRIK car, in short, is the best and suits most golfers. In the back of the brain, there is a 5-gram weight screw to support improve launch as well. Who It’s For The Callaway MAVRIK driver is designed to suit most golfers.

The MAVRIK model does not have any adjustable weights, but has an adjustable hosel for launch customization. By allowing the hardware in the club do the job, it is created to square up and hit the best aim. The majority of golfers will profit from this configuration on the golf course. Efficiency We saw an increase in distance and dispersion over last year’s Epic Flash model when we checked the Callaway MAVRIK driver. We saw comparable ball pace, but greater launch and less spin, which helped our tester achieve a total distance of around 4 yards. Of about 10 yards fewer variation from left to right, we also saw a closer dispersion. So both longer and straighter drives are consistently provided by the Callaway MAVRIK driver.

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review

Filled with all the MAVRIK technologies, the MAVRIK Max driver features several small improvements that render it amazingly forgiving. For players wanting more start, more forgiveness, and some drawing prejudice, this driver is the model of preference. At address, to enable golfers return the club to square at impact and remove a slice, it sits more square.

There are also two ports of weight on the club’s sole, one in the back and one at the heel. The 14-gram weight and 2-gram weight are compatible such that you can position more weight in the heel for more pull bias or place the heavier weight back in the head for greater launch and more control. The MAVRIK line ‘s game enhancing model is Who It’s For The Callaway MAVRIK Max car. For golfers that require full forgiveness and slice adjustment, this is the alternative for them. Interchangeable weights encourage golfers to bring more weight into the heel of the club for draw-biased weighting to remove the slice.

Performance The Callaway MAVRIK Max driver hit the ball super straight in our tests. In becoming more forgiving, it definitely did its work. For our tester, this driver generates a little bit more spin with a decrease in distance from the MAVRIK driver, but each shot was accurate to the goal with a more tolerant driver. We saw about 14 yards of left bias as we transferred the heavy weight to the club’s foot, which would significantly support golfers dealing with a slice.

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Driver Review

Callaway has the MAVRIK Sub Zero driver for stronger golfers who swing hard and need to minimize spin in order to get the maximum distance out of their driver. Sub Zero is generated with a narrower profile that is favored by better golfers. It is built to sit neutral at the address so that the ball appears workable to allow you the confidence to form the shot you need. In order to control ball flight and spin, Callaway even used 14-gram and 2-gram adjustable weights between the front and back of the club head.

Who It’s For The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver in the MAVRIK roster is the players’ model. It provides a look that better golfers like down by the club, with its neutral configuration and more lightweight 450cc head height. Golfers with higher swing speeds who already generate enough spin and could gain more distance by lowering their spin rate off the tee, benefit from its low spin success. Performance The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver was a consistent performer in testing. Our tester with the MAVRIK Sub Zero also picked up a little more club head pace.

We saw about 2200 rpm spin off the tee with a ball speed of about 147 mph with a total distance of 281 yards in firm conditions. We have reached an roughly 10 percent higher launch angle and tighter dispersion. It was also necessary for the MAVRIK Sub Zero to create shaped shots with a simpler face to control.