Callaway Big Bertha Irons for sale

The Big Bertha of Callaway is one of the most iconic golf names and the 2019 iron continues to push the innovation limits. The all-new Suspended Energy Core provides a new engine for incredible sound and feel, long and consistent distance, and easy launch. A floating weight of metal injection molded tungsten is suspended in the urethane microsphere material of Callaway creates a deeper center of gravity.

The latest generation of Big Bertha iron is touted as the “easiest to launch distance iron” in the history of the brand. That statement alone was fascinating, but with the first image I saw of the new iron, they caught my full attention. I’m not going to dance around it, I’m a big fan of the smoked grey finish. The Big Bertha Irons are standouts in the looks section, paired with the shiny silver / grey Recoil ZT9 shaft. The white paint fills in the bottom two grooves really pops on the face to give my eyes strong alignment references. The slightly rounded edges and dark finish make the dense topline at the address less noticeable.

The red highlights in the cavity give the irons a high-end, stealthy look at the bag. There is a design element that is relevant to this section as well as the next Suspended Energy Core. Simply put, it is a tungsten bar surrounded by microspheres of urethane positioned low inside the head. A very pleasant, woodsy ‘take’ sound was provided by the combination of materials . The sound is consistent across the face, medium in pitch and volume-playing partners will think you have flushed every shot. Although there was no audible feedback, I could feel mishits in my hands. Nothing harsh, but there were obvious off-center strikes.

Callaway Big Bertha B-21 Irons

Tungsten weights and urethane insert super-game-improvement iron Available: Sept. 10 Golfers who generate a lot of power and have repeatable swings want iron that allows them to carve up a golf course. They want the high draw to be hit, the power to fade or the low runner. They require good looks, feeling and control. But tour pros, college golfers, or elite amateurs are not the vast majority of golfers. They are weekend players who don’t take lessons and struggle to hit the center of the face, and all they want is to hit the ball farther and straighter. For those high-handicap players, Callaway ‘s newest super-game-improvement clubs, the Big Bertha B-21 irons, are designed. And these clubs are designed much differently than better-player irons.

There is a thick topline and lots of offset for the Big Bertha B-21 iron. (David Dusek / Golfweek) Golfers will see a thick topline, a long blade length and a significant offset starting down at the Big Bertha B-21 in the address position. A broad sole is revealed by flipping the clubs over. All these characteristics can be visually reassuring for golfers with greater handicaps. The hitting area looks like a typical iron from the outside. Inside, the face has ripples and bulges covering it. It was designed to maximize distance and generate varying amounts of spin for each club using artificial intelligence, so the specific thicknesses and patterns for each iron in the set are distinct.

The Big Bertha B-21 iron with a cup face was also designed by Callaway, so the hitting area is attached to the body behind the leading edge, topline and toe. This helps the sweet spot to expand. To lower the center of gravity, Callaway added a large piece of tungsten to the Big Bertha B-21. (David Dusek / Golfweek) Callaway designed a Visible Tungsten Energy Core (VTEC) in each head to drive down the gravity center, positioning it behind the face. The ideal hitting area is moved straight into the middle of the scoring lines by a second piece of tungsten in the toe. In each iron, there are more than 40 grams of tungsten.

Urethane microspheres, small glass bubbles in urethane foam, have been added around the tungsten to soften the feeling of impact and improve sound. The piece of urethane microsphere is compressible, so it won’t inhibit it from flexing or reducing ball speed while it touches the face. The Big Bertha B-21 has a cup-face design. (David Dusek / Golfweek) While the lofts of the Big Bertha B-21 Irons are strong, with 22 degrees of 5-iron and 38 degrees of 9-iron, Callaway makes every iron in the set available between a 4-iron and lob wedge. It is also worth noting that stronger lofted iron can still fly higher into the air for slower-swinging, higher-handicap golfers with such a low and back center of gravity. Callaway Irons Golf Equipment Max game-improvement iron


“For the 2019 Big Bertha irons, Callaway’s tag line is simple:” Easy Launch. “Serious Distance.” An understatement may be the first part-“Easy Launch”-. Every swing sent the ball airborne with the Suspended Energy Core so low and across the length of the face. I was surprised even by my threatening, thin strike as the ball sailed up in the air.

Callaway is also spot on as far as ‘Serious Distance,’ but that wasn’t as shocking to me. In Callaway ‘s lineup, the Big Bertha iron shares a lot of technology seen in other models, including the 360 Face Cup that wraps around the edge, creating a flex that boosts ball speed. The Big Berthas are not as long as the Rogue X, but that’s because the lofts are not as strong. The high launch, combined with the powerful carrying distances, resulted in the Big Bertha iron being held in solid green.

An added bonus was the realization of that old saying,’ the club will do the job’. With my moderate swing speed, the balance of the shaft and head made every swing feel effortless. As I trusted that a reasonable swing would produce strong ball flights, my dispersion came down.


I was pleased to see how Callaway integrates technology across its lines by carrying out research for this review. The 2019 Big Bertha iron shares many characteristics with the iron of even their premium players. It’s no mistake that SGI irons are the Big Berthas, but they may be the most attractive in the category. Looks do not reduce scores, but the combination of the Big Bertha Irons’ powerful launch and distance sure can.