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The Callaway Apex Irons 2016 edition (review HERE) was a phenomenon. They became one of the very first irons to combine iron looks with forgiveness for game enhancement and huge gap between matches. In reality, they were so famous and so strong that they were not replaced for three years by Callaway-an eternity in the history of modern golf equipment. Yet, like Father Time, the churn of new gear finally catches all, so we now have 19 iron Callaway Pinnacle.

Can they measure up to their predecessor ‘s standards? Let ‘s find out. Callaway built what could be the best looking iron for game enhancement ever in the 2016 Pinnacle. The idea seems to have been, “If it’s not broke, don’t repair it,” with the Apex 19 irons. The Apex 19 has enough offset to help output, but not enough to interrupt the eye. Without being knife thin and threatening, the top line and sole are slender. And as much as I like the look at the address, I like the way these irons look much more in the bag. The variations are predictable when contrasting the Apex 19 to the Apex Pro 19.

In the top side, the Apex 19 is thicker, has a little more offset, and a much thicker sole. In comparison, the Apex 19 has a polished chrome finish and the Apex Pro has a bright chrome finish. In a Smoke finish, which is incredibly smooth, both irons are also usable. While this mostly comes down to personal taste, I think these irons look fantastic. The head of the club is slightly wider than those you would see in most irons, whilst the top line is smaller than what you might find with several other iron game enhancement. The offset for these irons is small, and lower handicap players will benefit from this. I believe I can claim that these irons turn several heads; when I used these out on the range, I received some compliments.

It seems like the clearer, clickier sound and feeling has become more normal for too many irons chasing distance. A welcome shift of tempo is the Callaway Apex 19. The influence of the Apex 19 feels powerful and intense. There is a crispness that goes off on mishits when you strike the ball exactly, but the term I keep going back to is hard. Each shot conveys the impression that a premium, sturdy, well-made iron is used. Callaway credits the enhanced sensation to the technology of the urethane microsphere, a pocket of microspheres behind the face that absorbs unwelcome vibrations. I can probably testify to the fact that even on the worst mishits, there are no harsh, jarring sensations. When I tried these clubs,

I thought they sounded fantastically smooth with a pleasing “flush” sound at impact, and the ball seemed to rock off the clubface with ease. It doesn’t feel hollow and clicky at impact like most irons with slotted soles in a comparable price range.


When measuring the Apex 19 irons, the first thing I searched for was distance. From the 2016 update, my lasting impression was how quick it was to strike bombs with the mid and long iron, and that is something that Callaway definitely took to the Apex 19. Throughout the entire package, these irons are approximately a club longer than my gamers.

Next, I was interested in seeing how much redemption Callaway might cram into this elegant iron. With winter rust, my swing is already strong, so this wasn’t hard to measure. I was impressed to see that losing 10 yards of carrying required a significant mishit. That’s far from the standard, from a players iron. The Apex 19 allows distance and forgiveness without taking power from you. If you want to touch the draws and cuts, you will. It requires no time to travel the ball downwards. This irons really deliver the best aspects to both players and irons for game enhancement.

Callaway Apex Irons Review

Paul Club Reviews Golf Product Reviews 10 Comments Today I will discuss the Callaway Apex forged iron, which has sold incredibly well since its initial release. While the Apex iron may be considered in the game-improvement segment, all players and game-improvement iron features have characteristics. Callaway is one of the strongest golf brands out there and these iron irons further confirm that f f To make an educated purchase, read on to find out what you need to know about these top-quality golf irons.


Every year, several gear heads come in and know which aspects of their bag they want to alter. I was reasonably prepared to change my driver, but in 2019 I had no hope of contemplating new irons. I figured that I should rethink the Callaway Apex 19 results. They deliver in every form possible, with fantastic looks and emotions plus superior playability.