Callaway Apex 19 Hybrid

Since 1978, Maple Hill Golf has been a family run and run company. Maple Hill Golf has the greatest range of golf products, and the lowest costs promised. From tools and competent TrackMan club fitting, through golf coaching and year round golf services, we have you covered. “Maple Hill Golf is” See, “Michigan’s birthplace. Try, try, try. Gain. Purchase. Save. Now delivering 3 convenient retail stores in West Michigan to consumers. With the 2019 Apex 19 hybrid, Callaway introduces the innovative Jailbreak system to a hybrid of players.

Jailbreak Technology utilizes two internal bars to link the crown and sole, stiffening the body to facilitate higher ball speed and reach around the face. It’s not to suggest that throughout the break, Callaway did not have excellent choices for golfers, so it’s good to see a recognizable logo on anything different. Callaway models are recognized within the brand for introducing their newest inventions, so the hybrid Apex 19 looks primed for grandeur.


The Callaway Apex 19 hybrid looks compact and all business, with several hybrids morphing into fairway wood scale. The black PVD finish crown has a toe-centric shape and is devoid of a chevron orientation assist. The Apex 19 sole expresses both the requirements and technologies with such a tiny footprint that it is not convenient to do. Face on, the club exposes a high toe with a dark grey, machined-looking finish packed with crisp white paint filled grooves. Focused hits created a crisp metallic crack with tone depth at contact with the Callaway Apex 19 hybrid. The distinctive tone was missed by off-center hits but always sounded crisp. It was good to get the audible input since a distinction in my hands was not as obvious.

The club head had a somewhat heavy feeling that I like in a hybrid, especially when hitting from the fairway or out of the rough. Billed as a hybrid match, I was wondering how the Apex 19 would do with my swing of less than tour caliber. What I soon found was an excellent hybrid for golfers that can have relatively precise touch irrespective of swing length. The 20 ° 3 hybrid recorded an average 1.48 smash factor and 3600 spin rate on the launch display at Club Champion in Orlando. Such are fantastic figures, but the high trajectory and near optimum 40 ° landing angle were more interesting to me.

The good success of the Callaway Apex 19 hybrid is thanks to its Jailbreak Technology and Carpenter 455 steel cup face. All together, the Apex 19 is great for long carries and carrying greens. Jailbreak stiffens the body and holds the impact load fixed on the forehead, as I’m sure you already know. A thinner face and more energy return are allowed by the Carpenter 445 steel. The club head set up ever so slightly closed, which, with my swing, culminated in a left bias. Combined, the effect is higher ball pace. By opening the club with a skosh, I was able to get back to my preferred gentle draw. The neutral weighting of the Apex 19 allowed shot forming in both directions.

2020 Callaway Apex Hybrid Review

The Fast Take The Callaway Apex 19 hybrid is its iconic predecessor’s long-awaited revival, albeit with the added punch of Jailbreak technologies and some visual improvements. The Apex 19 hybrid provides a sleek form, high toe, neutral bias, neutral configuration at the address, targeted at better players, and introduces jailbreak technology to help ball speed numbers around the face. As its ancestor, the Apex 19 prefers precision over sheer distance, provides loads of versatility, and is built to gap well as an iron substitute in your pack, albeit with more forgiveness and launch on slightly off-center touch than ever. 2019 Callaway Apex Hybrid The Apex 19 hybrid of Callaway is the much-anticipated revival of the initial Apex hybrid.

The target audience remains a stronger player, just like its predecessor, yet its latest features, style, and improvements can have greater crossover appeal to all of us who do not have a slim, single-digit handicap, but still prefer the Apex look. The Apex 19 improves on what made the original Apex hybrid a favored crowd-a small footprint, a high toe, neutral bias, and slight offset It expands on its origins by incorporating undeniable, visible performance enhancements in addition to its fantastic looks. Performance is typically what generates excitement in a club and provides ample of performance for the Apex 19 hybrid. The integration of Jailbreak Technologies is the main success catalyst here. Where the previous version was punishable on off-center shots, when the touch eventually strays from the center, the Apex 19 introduces observable ball speed improvements over a greater section of the face.

On nice, though not great, swings, this contributes to more stable reach. The addition of Jailbreak has rendered this club more playable at my level of ability and remarkably reliable over an average of all swings, speaking as a low-teen handicap. The 2019 Pinnacle also includes a forged Face Cup made of Carpenter 455 Steel. In Callaway clubs, Face Cup technology has become a mainstay and the combination of Jailbreak and Face Cup, which is also present in other Callaway clubs, is a tested combination that offers great pace for the ball. Anecdotally, from a toe-side miss,

I encountered stronger distance outcomes than a heel-side miss, while both were very directionally playable. Although it obviously favours a center shot, on slightly off-center touch, the Apex 19 offers ball speed retention. Of course, very poor swings are punished, but even certain close misses, this club has plenty of encouragement. The Apex 19 also includes some aesthetic improvements from the initial Apex. And these reforms have proved to be rather controversial, depending on the feedback from THP forum participants. Next, the uber-compact form is gone and a somewhat bigger head is located in its place. In the general hybrid marketplace, the head scale stays on the smaller side, but the expanded size has put off many golfers.

I found no drawbacks about the marginally bigger head after spending a couple weeks of heavy testing, and candidly, I didn’t even note the difference in size outside of my initial experiences. Callaway ‘s option to substitute the traditional matte surface of the initial with a shiny crown was the second instantly visible improvement. The Apex 19 also sets up neutral at address after these small improvements and maintains a strong sound at contact. My indoor tests shows that successful players might prefer to include the Apex 19 hybrid rather than irons at the top end of their pocket. I was most shocked in my many evaluation sessions on the GCQuad by the absolute accuracy of the carrying distance from swing to swing. I noticed that good swings created carrying distances that were approximately within 5 yards of each other, despite not being within the “better player” sector.

I observed, for instance, that the 23-degree hybrid held around 200 yards and each good shot was within + /- 5 yards, regardless of the impact position. The data revealed that the reach and launch that was greater than the iron that it substituted also created less than optimal swings. All informed, despite not slipping into his perfect target group, I was surprised by the playability of the Apex 19. The stock shaft is the True Temper Project X Catalyst, which is a fantastic and rational pairing. There are 70 grams of normal and rigid shafts, while the X-stiff flex is 80 grams, and each comes in stock at a swing weight of D3.

The Catalyst graphite shaft is built to mimic steel alloy properties better than conventional graphite for those inexperienced, and features a hardened tip during turf contact to offer stabilization. The Catalyst shaft provides the feel of steel and all the advantages of graphite as an iron-replacement hybrid. The Apex 19 hybrid is a worthy addition to Callaway ‘s roster and is likely to be a choice of great teams. Be sure to send the Apex 19 hybrid a swing, if you like the Jailbreak technology, the smaller head design, or the neutral address location, and the results could just impress you.

Drop a note on the forum here if you have concerns or wish to express your knowledge Info Availability-In shops now Cost-$269.99 Heads-2h (18 °), 3h (20 °), 4h (23 °), 5h (26 °) Shaft: Real Temper Project X Catalyst 70/80 Graphite Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 This club can be found at outlets around the nation and online, including at Bargain Golf where THP readers can use a coupe.